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she will not Slic3 for me???

Posted by ASlic3aday 
she will not Slic3 for me???
June 22, 2014 02:58AM
Hi this is my first forum venture into Slic3r.... I have had few issues up til now but since an update not long ago and since then Slic3r take forever (30min at least to complete - sit at 98% then stalls) and the current issue has appeared. I have loaded a small simple print job with no errors or issues but when it comes to Slicing te following error message appears " Cannot generate G code / the Slic3r has an error the/ or slic3r stored the file in unexpected filename"

Slic3r only has lines as follows:

commenced triangulated mesh
< slic3r> cant call method 'slic3r' on an undefined value at c:/ program~1/repetier host/slic3r/lib/std/slic3r/print/object.pn line 222

Its all a foreign language for me so any assistance much appreciated/
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