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Retract directly (not while Travel G0)

Posted by goaran 
Retract directly (not while Travel G0)
December 01, 2014 01:26PM
Hello everyone,

i have a question about the retract option.

when i slice a file the retract is included as following:

1 G1 X22.558 Y-7.728 A14.92385 //last move before retract
2 G0 X12.538 Y-2.361 F1500.000 A10.92385 // retract while moving to new start of extrusion
3 G0 X12.538 Y-2.361 F4500.000 // set speed
4 G0 F1500.000 A14.97385 // set back
5 G1 X15.910 Y-2.361 F1050.000 A15.08831 // print next .....

the problem is, that if the distance from the position in line 1 to the position in line 2 is long, the retract will be really slow which leads to ooze. (especially for bowden extruders)
Is there a way to change this behavior in the settings or if not where can i find it in the code.

thanks in advance

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