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Basic question about reliability of slic3r

Basic question about reliability of slic3r
August 04, 2015 10:08PM
I've been using Slic3r on and off for a couple years. The ons are because of the extraordinary control it allows over the printer and print. The offs are because of the frequent crashes or just malfunctions.

I haven't used Slic3r for about 6 months and decided to try it yet again with a fresh install of the latest stable release on a very recent Win 7 install. It did what it always does. It worked beautifully for a few parts, then started screwing up. In this case, I tell it to use a raft and no raft appears in the gcode. I tell it to use a rectilnear support pattern and it gives me pillars. I have run into this before and the solution was to delete the customized preset file in question and recreate it from scratch and then Slic3r seems to work again.

Is it me doing something wrong, or is this a 2 or 3 year old bug that has yet to be fixed?

I have noticed that this sort of behavior seems to be less of a problem when I install by compiling the source code under linux...

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Re: Basic question about reliability of slic3r
August 07, 2015 06:06AM
FWIW I haven't noticed any unreliability in Slic3r itself (I've used this exclusively for the past three years or so because I just can't get my head around Skeinforge).

My main gripe with Slic3r is that with every release we tend to have a bunch of fantastic new features but old ones break or work differently, so I tend to stick with an older version until I *really* need those new features.

I use both windows and osx but not the linux version.
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