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Seam position settings - New option

Posted by BNagel 
Seam position settings - New option
November 17, 2015 11:03AM
Just recently started to use Slic3r after using Cura for many months and found a lot of advantages to using Slic3r. In my testing I found Slic3r to produce a better model in many cases for my needs. I'm definitely going to donate to keep this project going.

I found one thing that I thought might be improved unless I'm just over looking something that would correct this. Cura for the most part used a random patterns to hide seams. Slic3r has the same option but the "Nearest" and "Aligned" can do a great job hiding seems completely. I like how it figures out candidates to hide the seams on those two settings. When it can't find a candidate though the seams can be place in very visible areas of a model as a vertical line. So my thought was instead of the default position when no candidates are found being “Nearest” or “Aligned” why not “Random”? The slicer can hide the seam when possible and obscure randomly the seam around the model at other times.

I have been looking at the Slic3r source code for gcode generation and thought about making changes but wanted to hear others ideas on this first.
Re: Seam position settings - New option
November 20, 2015 12:57PM
great idea BNagel. i would like to hear if there are any better options. In a more perfect world I would like to see the user be able to draw/position the seam where they feel is best. I'll do some research, perhaps there's a way to "force" Slic3r to put seams where you want when building model in 3d program.

Re: Seam position settings - New option
November 22, 2015 05:13AM
Also don't forget you can make it retract on layer change, which will reduce the seam.
Re: Seam position settings - New option
November 22, 2015 10:18AM

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