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Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters

Posted by Rich_H 
Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 18, 2015 06:01PM

I'm new to this forum, and new to 3D printing. I'm using Repetier Firmware, and Repetier Host with Slic3r for the slicing. I've been tinkering on my own for about a month, and have figured out a lot, but I'm having trouble with this. I'm trying to make cookie cutters. I've got lots of ABS in the trash can under my desk now to show for it. Here is my issue: If you look at the attached image, the cookie cutter on the left is nice and pretty. But the walls are too thin, so it is too flimsy. I created that one with 0.8mm thick "walls" (the entire thickness of the "cutter" part of the cookie cutter. It printed two walls thick, and looks beautiful. Just what I want. Only I want it thicker.

Before I go any farther, I've calibrated my extruder, so plugging in 100mm actually extrudes 100mm of filament using this method, and the multiplier to get wall thickness right by this method. I get a nice, beautiful calibration model (like the second video), as long as I use cooling, and the thickness comes out to a nice 0.67mm, which is what the comments in the header of my gcode says I should have. So I'm pretty confident that my settings for steps and multiplier are correct. Also, I've done the part 2 for each filament that I have, and saved each of these as separate filaments in Slic3r, so I choose the right setting for each filament, as they do all vary slightly.

Back to my cookie cutters... I tried going back into Blender and making the "walls" of the cookie cutter thicker. The one on the left side of the picture is 1.2mm thick. The first time Slic3r came back with three walls of thickness for these "walls". That printed crappy. Bulges at the top, like what you see on the right, but much worse. Through several prints and tinkering, I've gotten it down to where it looks best by making the exterior perimeter 0.8 thick, which made it slice with only two thicknesses of print to make the wall, and improved the bulginess at the top to what you see here, but still, 0.8+0.8 is 1.6, which is thicker than 1.2 (it actually measures 1.65), and not only makes the walls too thick, but also leaves this globby looking stuff on the sides of the print. Yuck.

Anything less than 0.85mm for the exterior perimeter extrusion with gives me three perimeters instead of two, which is why I arrived at 0.8mm. By the way, if it matters, my slices tend to default at 0.67mm for extrusion width. My nozzle is 0.4mm and my filament is roughly 1.71, which is why the multiplier is not 1 (although I'm puzzled as to why the multiplier is less than 1, since it is in the 0.85 to 0.95 range for all of my filaments, but the result is actually the 0.67 thickness for the calibration test).

Can anyone offer any suggestions on getting slic3r to not try to put more plastic into the space than should be there?

Thank you!


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Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 19, 2015 12:14AM
Ok - I've looked around the forum, and have seen people recommend Cura over Slic3r, so I've tried it. I have one very good print, but made some adjustments and am in the process of printing the second print, and it looks like it will turn out pretty good. I'm rather disappointed in a couple things, though.

First, I have Slic3r set to retract with every move. I don't see a way to do that with Cura, and it's leaving a lot of strings hanging between moves. I do already like the way it can be set to move around holes (combing), though. But there are still spots where there are strings where I don't see them with Slic3r, and I'd like to be able to stop that. I've looked through the expert settings, and still don't see a way to force a retract. It just seems like you get a whole lot more control in Slic3r, but in this case at least, the prints are coming out for the most part better in Cura. Can't I have a blend of the two??? smiling smiley
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 19, 2015 12:59PM
There is a known issue in the latest Slic3r - too much infill.
You can try lowering the infill overlap. I think it defaults to 15%, but you can adjust it down to any value.
You might also try setting all your speeds and widths to the same values so that there is consistent pressure in the nozzle.

Another option is to use the previous stable version of Slic3r that isn't reported to have that issue.

Also note this thread, talking about food safety.


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Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 19, 2015 07:16PM
Thanks, Paul. I had no idea of the food safety issues. You think, "It's plastic." I guess not.

So as for going to the earlier build of Slic3r, I take it you're referring to 1.1.7?
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 19, 2015 09:22PM
Yes, 1.1.7 is the one.
Hope that helps.
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 19, 2015 09:34PM
Thanks so much!

I haven't bothered to reprint my cookie cutter, but I did print something else, and it came out looking great!
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 20, 2015 07:23AM
Also try changing the Detect Thin Walls setting.
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 20, 2015 07:56AM
Personally I would not worry about toxicity of a cookie-cutter. It is only in contact with the food very briefly, and so there is no time for significant amounts of chemical to leech out into the food. Risks regarding toxicity are of far more concern with storage containers that are in contact with food for protracted periods. Regarding the surface having voids that harbour bacteria - well sure, but any bacteria transferred to the cookie dough would surely be killed when the cookies are baked - and I am not convinced that it is a significant risk in any case. Our bodies are designed to take care of small amounts of ingested bacteria of the sort that are likely to grow in such cavities. Many fruits and vegetables that we eat raw have surfaces that are far more porous - plus a supply of nutrients for the bacteria.

It may be something that would prevent the legal sale of the items due to laws that are very cautious about such things, but I would not consider it to be a risk worth worrying about.

Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 20, 2015 01:05PM

I was a paramedic for ten years, and worked in an ER for four years, and given my knowledge of the body, I definitely would agree with you that the risk is so miniscule as to be insignificant. So for personal use, I will probably not let this hinder me. But I was going to create to sell, which given the information above, probably isn't the best idea, since I also am not blind to the sadly litigious nature of America in general.



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Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 23, 2015 07:38AM
Oh - I had not realised that you intended to sell the items. I agree that there are significant risks regarding litigation when selling home-made items, not only related to health, but also to safety and "fitness for purpose". It might be possible to attach some form of disclaimer or warning regarding correct use, which is the method commonly used on commercial products (see for example the amount of safety warnings you get when buying an aluminium ladder!) You might, for example, sell the items ostensibly for use as a toy with play-dough.

Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
November 25, 2015 02:34PM
Would it be feasible to smooth the ABS with Acetone fumes and then have them silicone coated for improved chemical protection?
I'm guessing this would get rid of both the small grooves and stop the ABS from reacting with foods or other materials.
Re: Slicer Settings for Cookie Cutters
January 20, 2016 01:53PM
I'm also trying to make a cookie cutter
Not for selling
I'm using Pla
Is it possible if u can do me a biggest favor by sending me best slic3r settings
I'm totally clueless without any help
Thanx in advance
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