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Infill leaves gaps around perimeter

Posted by frankvdh 
Infill leaves gaps around perimeter
January 23, 2016 04:57PM

I'm using Slic3r 1.2.9, and found that when I fill a solid object, it doesn't join the infill to the perimeter. This means that the piece is much weaker than I want.

Below is a photo showing a couple of pieces which I've broken open. Top is a sphere which I expected to be filled completely with an infill, but as you can see there's a narrow pillar of 3D honeycomb (I think) up the middle, and a large space around it. The outer diameter of the ball (which is printed inside a socket, in case that's relevant) is 50mm. Below is a triangular piece printed at the same time, 10mm thick... again, there's a 1-2mm gap between the outer wall and the infill

Infill settings :

Is this a consequence of "Only infill where needed" being selected?
Re: Infill leaves gaps around perimeter
January 23, 2016 06:01PM
Yes I think so.
You can re-slice with that off and check the layers in the preview.

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