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First layer extrussion width

Posted by Tinchus 
First layer extrussion width
April 12, 2016 08:38AM
Hi. I have been useing slic3r for ssome time but this issue just came out now that Im useing a particularly problematic material. The problem with this filament is that has a high melting temperature (245/250) but it starts to soften like at 70/80 degrees. Anyway, I managed to worked with it, but I need to have the filament moveing fast... and one of the strategies I use is to extrude as much as I can (and as fastas I can).
The problem always arise in the first layer... if I go through the first layer I know the print will finish ithout problems. Looking into why the problem is in the first layer I finally discovered that slic3r for some reason is not extrudeing what it shlould dureing the first layer. My extrusion width is manually set to 0.68 (noozle 0.4) for everything (perimeter, external perim, infill, etc).
In the the layers preview I noticed that, or at least the simulation, the wxtrusion width was not 0.68, was something like 0.4/0.48.
Extrussion width in the forst layer is also set to be 150% extra width...

Why is this happening? I atached a picture of what I see of the first layer and a picture of second layer, you will notice the extrusion width difference between them
And it is not something related to the preview simulation, becuse I can notice the difference in extrusion looking at the extruder wheel. Dureing the first layer I can perfectly see that is extrudeing much less than dureing the second layer...

layer 1:

Layer 2:

Thanks in advance for the help

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Re: First layer extrussion width
April 13, 2016 02:55PM
Hi Tinchus
I recommend you use an actual mm value for all extrusion widths instead of a percentage, as in this case the percentage is not of the default extrusion width, but of the layer height!

BTW, here are some Slic3r tutorials and videos.

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Re: First layer extrussion width
April 19, 2016 08:34AM
OH!!!! you are so right... I forgot that detail.... Thanks!!!!
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