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Adjust Perimeter origin

Posted by Ribz0Rama 
Adjust Perimeter origin
January 15, 2017 08:06PM
So I'm try to manipulate the way my printer works to print certain parts for research for university, however I keep running into the error where when the next layer starts the nozzle goes back to the same location that it began the perimeter. I understand the gcode and everything but there are so many layers that it is very time consuming (and if possible I'd like to avoid) is there anything in the settings that I can change so once the first layer is completed and the second is beginning to not have the nozzle go back to where it began the print or is that something that will need to be adjusted in the gcode itself? I'm hoping that this makes sense as to what I'm asking. Thanks.
Re: Adjust Perimeter origin
January 16, 2017 07:23AM
You can set non-printing speeds to be pretty fast so the move to a start position does not take too much time. You can choose between various start position algorithms in "Print Settings" > "Layers and perimeters" > Advanced" > "Seam position"

If you select "nearest" for the seam position, it should result in minimum XY move between layers.

This is not something that can be adjusted in the G-code.

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