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Choose dual extrusion order

Posted by tomMulholland 
Choose dual extrusion order
July 05, 2017 12:13PM
I would like to set up a dual nozzle print where material 1 always prints first on every layer.

As background, I have a thin-walled part with a lot of delicate bridges. I would like to always print the bridges after the walls. A normal slicing will create toolpath issues that damage either the bridges or walls. I discovered that I can split the part into two STLs, then use two extruders (one real extruder, one virtual extruder), allowing me to precisely control the settings for the bridges. However, by default, most slicers will print alternate the order: e.g., on layer one, material 1 prints first, then material 2. On layer two, material 2 prints first, then material 1.

Any ideas? If I can't find an easy method or make a simple change in the Slic3r source code, I may just try to write a postprocessing script to rearrange things.
Re: Choose dual extrusion order
July 12, 2017 06:31PM
Well, I have a very ugly Python workaround now. Contact me if you have a similar problem.
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