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Adaptive Slicing Concern

Posted by Pitzzle 
Adaptive Slicing Concern
October 26, 2017 02:32AM
Hi Everyone,

In this 1.3.0-dev release, I noticed Adaptive Slicing and immediately wanted to see what it offers.

To enable you click Use Adaptive Print Slicing in Print Settings, and also set up your Min and Max print layers under the Extruder section of Printer Settings.

It does exactly as expected, whatever % you set the detail level to it will set up the layer height accordingly so your object appears like the model.

BUT, my concern is that it does not change the layer height in increments which match my threaded rod, which is in .04 increments, it's all over the place between the Min and Max values.

May I have someone add this, so we have three fields, one for Min another for Max, and lastly for the physical increments which your z axis can handle.


Re: Adaptive Slicing Concern
December 17, 2017 11:35AM
Try setting the Z full steps/mm (25) in Printer Settings.

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