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Postprocessing, differentiate traveling to new area

Posted by arcachofo 
Postprocessing, differentiate traveling to new area
December 12, 2017 10:05AM

I'm postprocessing gcode generated by Slic3r, and i need to differentiate travelings.
I need to know when a traveling is inside the same area or a traveling to a new area.

The only option i found is using: "--only-retract-when-crossing-perimeters" and detect retractions, but it is not working for me, i always get a gcode with retractions in every rapid movement.

I'm using version: 1.2.9+dfsg-2build1 from Ubuntu Xenial repos.

So i have 2 questions:
- The "--only-retract-when-crossing-perimeters" not working is a known issue?.. maybe of this concrete version, or is something i'm doing wrong?
- Is there any other way to find which fast moves are inside a region or travel to other region?

Thank you in advance.
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