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Weird supports

Posted by plm 
Weird supports
December 17, 2017 11:28PM
I'm new, and as it turns out I had problems with extruder. But in process of trying to get good print I learned a lot about slic3r.
So, I'm printing enlarged bee's hindleg. It looks like Christmas tree - trunk and few "whorls" there branches attached. Trunk is pretty thin, so I have to use support. And supports not always go all way from top to bottom (with holes for branches). Sometimes they extend only from top whorl to next underlying branch, and not lower (yes, these support top branch but does not support whole print). Sometimes they form hole for branch, and this hole goes down to first layer, and instead of one big support I have two (very thin) at first layer.
As you can see on screenshot in one case I got even hair-like support which starts from second layer and does not have brim.
If I use "pillar" support pattern situation gets worse - lot of vertical wire-like things.
Do we have settings for minimum support area/diameter? Do we have checkbox "generate one big support for whole print projection on bed"?
What is good manners here - should I report a bug and where?
And also I noticed exported settings does not contain scale which you set on Plater tab. Does it mean I can't save (and eventually restore) all print parameters to repeat something exactly?
open | download - 2017-12-18_065004.png (477.6 KB)
Re: Weird supports
December 18, 2017 12:00PM
For some reason slic3r defaults to pillar supports which I think are fine for SLA printers, but not very useful for FDM printers. Select a different type of support, such as rectilinear or grid.

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