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first layer too fast ...

Posted by merlino1975 
first layer too fast ...
December 18, 2017 05:37AM
first layer too fast ...
I have a problem with the first layer.
print too fast, but if I reduce the speed in the value "first layer speed" to 15 instead of 30, it is printed well.
The problem recurs when I need to use the reinforced basic function. In this case the problem reoccurs, the two reinforcing layers print them well, but the first layer prints too fast and therefore a bit 'bad, while the next 2, 3 layer prints well at a suitable speed.
This obviously happens when I have to print full bases, for example a round disk filled.
If someone is interested in helping me or wants to understand the problem better, I can send him a video of a print.
thank you so much!
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