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Fixed inter-extrusion spacing - Infill

Posted by RCC 
Fixed inter-extrusion spacing - Infill
February 14, 2018 02:19AM
Hi All,

I am currently working on a tissue engineering project and have had a great time using slic3r for my initial designs! Thanks for all your hard work its an amazing resource.

For the next stage I am looking to slice with a consistent and selectable infill inter-extrusion spacing. For example, it would be beneficial to select 1.5mm as the spacing between extrusions rather than a algorithmic generated "infill percentage", as it is more scientifically repeatable and we wouldn't get significantly different patterns when changing this variable. We would also be able to measure this variable against mechanical character and other qualities more effectively.

I am having trouble figuring out where I should be looking in the source code. Where are the fill paths defined/what libraries would need to be looked at?

Thanks very much for any help provided!
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