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Path randomization for identical layers?

Posted by Melty 
Path randomization for identical layers?
March 08, 2018 01:20PM
Does Slic3r have a feature or mode where you can intentionally randomize the per-layer print pattern for vertical stacks of layers with identical geometry? confused smiley

I've been making some prints with thin features - taller vertical cells with single line walls... sometimes two-line walls. What happens is that I'm getting compounding failures, where an issue in one layer takes away the starting point for the extrusion line above it, which then cascades all the way through to the top resulting in a major failure of the print.

My parts are very uniform in the Z-direction... that is, there may be 100+ layers where the geometry is identical. What happens is that the slicer generates an "optimal" path for printing this, and unsurprisingly, since the layers are identical, that optimal path is also identical for each layer. So once there is a failure, there is no recovery. And even if there is NOT a failure, the parts have very obvious vertically aligned weak points since the layers are not cross-linking each other.

As an example, imagine two straight lines which cross, lines A and B. The slicer will generate g-code such that one line is extruded continuously (A), and the second line (cool smiley starts, stops, jumps across the previous line (A), then starts again and stops to finish line B. This is a pretty normal case, but the problem is that 50 of these stacked are printed the exact same way. Line A is always continuous, and line B is always bisected. Having the slicer vary the extrusion path, so that occasionally (or on alternating layers) line B is continuous and line A is bisected would both create a stronger part, as well as allow for recovery in the event of a momentary adhesion or extrusion irregularity in the layers below.

Does such a feature exist?

I can show examples if the problem is not clear...
Re: Path randomization for identical layers?
March 09, 2018 10:14AM
Slic3r has a seam position setting in print settings/layers and perimeters/advanced, maybe setting this to random will help.
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