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Print Starts then stops for Filament Change

Posted by JOEYG 
Print Starts then stops for Filament Change
March 28, 2018 06:18PM
Hey Everyone,

Working with the new Prusa MK3, I was printing PLA just fine for a few days then changed the filament to PETG and now this problem. I'll start a print, any print, including the ones that came on the SD card with the printer, it will do its wipe and sometimes even starting printing but stops then parks in the front right asking for a filament change. If I do as asked it will start printing again then come back for another color change, it doesn't even finish a layer before it does this. I haven't changed any settings other that selecting the PETG and I used a model that I have already successfully printed with PLA. Any Ideas?

open | download - Slic3r.jpg (608.2 KB)
open | download - pronter.jpg (606.7 KB)
open | download - Codes.jpg (604.1 KB)
Re: Print Starts then stops for Filament Change
March 29, 2018 04:09AM
The pronterface echo shows "someone" is sending M900 and M600 commands. Can you search the gcode file with a text-editor for these commands?
If it's not in the gcode, it might be sent by a faulty LCD-encoder?
Re: Print Starts then stops for Filament Change
April 03, 2018 08:20PM
Turns out its the filament sensor, from what I read on the Prusa forum some people are having the same problems with shiny or translucent filaments. So I think the part where it says "someone" is sending the M9 and M6 codes I guess its the printer doing it thinking the filament ran out. Thanks for the input however!

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