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Threading not printing in Slic3r

Posted by hussainsail2002 
Threading not printing in Slic3r
April 06, 2018 09:34PM
I recently tried printing a part on slic3r that had internal threads. The part has printed without the threads.

The mating part with external threads has printed fine. Am I missing something in the settings ?

I have a 0.4 mm nozzle on a wanhoa i3

Thanks !
Re: Threading not printing in Slic3r
April 08, 2018 02:20AM
I can't imagine, the slicer would eliminate a small feature like a thread. Maybe it's your printer who's not able to follow?
You can check the slicer result in the preview or layer-view if it's there or not.

IMHO a small thread isn't worth printing. ( the inner radius of a hole is always smaller than the drawing, a printed thread would be too tight anyway)
It works better to cut the thread afterwards.
Re: Threading not printing in Slic3r
April 10, 2018 07:21AM
The slicer could eliminate a feature like that primarily in two cases... If the feature is too small to be printed at a given nozzle diameter/layer height or if the STL is non-manifold, which Slic3r doesn't always do a particularly graceful job of repairing.
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