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Lumps on thread

Posted by StlLooking 
Lumps on thread
November 29, 2018 01:35PM
Hi, This is a cap for a propane tank and it has an Acme-thread.

Latest version of three Slicers, (.appimage) running under Ubuntu 16.04.

From Left to Right, the pic shows sliced with Cura, Slic3r-PE and Slic3r.

Slic3r and Slic3r-PE both have lumps on the threads. All three have the same settings for Layers, speeds, Retraction etc.

I **think** it has something to do with Slic3r's Retraction (5mm at 40mm/s) as when printing, it pauses momentarily about where each lump is.

I really prefer Slic3r to Cura but obviously this is not an option. Is this something I can tune out or not? If I can, how?

open | download - slic3r-lumps-01.jpg (51.6 KB)
Re: Lumps on thread
December 10, 2018 06:15AM
Just a few things that I would check.

-z hop (off)
-Seam position, try nearest, random etc.
-You could try turning off "detect thin walls" if its on.
-check out your gap infill speed and external perimeter speed.
-avoid crossing perimeters, (on)

I would be interested to see what the issue is.
Re: Lumps on thread
December 15, 2018 03:53AM
I'd go for 'wipe while retracting', because your retraction is pretty long/slow.
Or find out, why it retracts there anyway? (minimum length between retractions)

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