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Slic3r - Custom bed raster image

Posted by Starliner 
Slic3r - Custom bed raster image
February 07, 2019 06:37AM
Hi all,
do you know if it is possible to use an image (JPG, PNG, ecc.) as print bed in Slic3r?

The goal is to visually place with the desired precision the object (STL) on a paper-printed substrate. Obviously the photo/image of the substrate should be prepared to perfectly match the true bed print area (I yet have a camera system that is capable of taking picture and distort them to compensate shooting situations.)

Now I'm able to put the substrate on the bed, measure the coordinates of the printed 2D graphics and then set the STL position according to that, but this a manual and prone to big errors procedure, so I'm looking for a more general way to solve this kind of problems.

Thank you!
Re: Slic3r - Custom bed raster image
February 13, 2019 05:50PM
As far as i know there is no such option in slic3r, but i think you could be able to do it like this:
- define the bed as a rectangle as big as the paper substrate
- design a rectangle with that size and print it
- mark the borders on the printer bed with some tape or marker
- position the paper and there you go

if you need the image as reference to position the objects you could convert the picture to stl in some way, add it to the slicer, position the objects and then remove it.

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