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nasty scare at seam (layer start)

Posted by charlieRC 
nasty scare at seam (layer start)
March 26, 2019 04:49PM
I have been very happy with the output of my printer. I am using 0.2mm layer height and the prints have been almost perfect. I was getting a nice little vertical line where the layer started (using "aligned" start). Now I guess something has changed because I am getting a nasty 1/8" gash for a seam line. I can't figure out what has changed. I tried going to random alignment and the pieces looked like sand paper.

Not sure what info to provide, but I am printing with PLA, 0.2mm layer, 40-80mm/s speed, extrude factor of 1,

I am only starting with Slic3r because I assume what ever changes I might make (or have made) would be there.

Re: nasty scare at seam (layer start)
May 03, 2019 06:28PM
do you have a photo ?
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