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multi-material printing workflow using blender

Posted by Peterg17 
multi-material printing workflow using blender
April 20, 2019 07:52AM
Looking at setting up a dual material workflow using blender and slic3r.
In blender, I create an object consisting of two or more meshes with materials (using boolean difference and scale command for exact alignments), then from blender edit mode, use P command to separate meshes into different objects based on assigned material.
Then export these objects, one for each material, in STL format.

In Slic3r, load one of the STL objects, then with the object selected, right-mouse-button -> settings and a sub-window pops up, and then select load-part for any other material STL files, assigning the extruders.
The parts seem to be aligned correctly and all looks fine. The idea is then to save the whole thing as an AMF file, which can then be reloaded and printed. Unfortunately, when I click OK in this sub-window, Slic3r aborts.

What I would like to know is, is this workflow approach correct and I have simply hit a bug, which I should report, or am I trying to do something that should be done another way?
(I am using slic3r version 1.3.0 on ubuntu 64 bit. STL files are attached.)
open | download - bluepla.stl (2.2 KB)
open | download - whitepla.stl (1.3 KB)
Re: multi-material printing workflow using blender
April 21, 2019 12:54AM
This now works for me. I checked the latest out of git, (1.3.1-dev git description = 1.3.0-1328-g85dd6633), compiled it, and I can save amf files, and then print them, with the two extruders printing their various parts.

I couldn't quite get the preview screen to show the various bits in the assigned colours.

I tried the standard ubuntu slic3r, but that simply segfaulted, with or without any pre-configuration.

I am unsure that there is any error in 1.3 as such, perhaps that I needed to actually compile it on my system.

So I have a total workflow solution for generating multi-part models. Thanks to all the Slic3r developers, and also blender developers.
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