slic3r slice mising part
April 25, 2019 11:54AM

Something strange is happening to me

after sliceing - Part of the model is missing. (pics attached)

I tried the same model in cura and there it does not happen

I really like slic3r and do not feel like working with a new software right now

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to solve it?
open | download - s2.jpg (363.5 KB)
open | download - s1.jpg (348 KB)
Re: slic3r slice mising part
April 25, 2019 06:25PM
Cura is showing the "the object is not manifold" error. You need to repair your STL file through netfabb or something similar. At least the Prusa edition of Slic3r has an option in the "Object" menu to send the STL to netfabb and try to repair it.
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