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Slic3r screen coordinates

Posted by arckivio 
Slic3r screen coordinates
May 06, 2019 06:37AM
Hi. I've just gone back to using slic3r after not using my printer for a year or 2. I started with slic3r then went to cura but I've re started printing & couldn't get cura to work without extruding at 180%! The new slic3r software worked right out of the box, didn't have to increase extrusion % at all. Who knows what cura's problem was. My only issue with slic3r is I don't get any coordinates on my tronxy x5's display. I get the progress bar & elapsed time but X Y Z just shows blanks. If I remember correctly, this is why I stopped using slic3r in the first place. Can anyone tell me if there's a setting I should change? I have set Marlin as my Gcode but don't know what else to do. Thanks
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