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Slic3r losing fine detail

Posted by softfoot 
Slic3r losing fine detail
November 17, 2019 07:19AM
I have a Geeetech I3 Pro C and am running the latest Repetier-Host which includes Slic3r v1.3.1-dev.

I am trying to print a replacement drive belt clamp HERE for a friends unit
but while the print quality is fine the teeth that mesh with the belt are missing!!!

Interestingly, the preview generated is also lacking the teeth - so I guess it's no surprise they dont get printed!

What am I missing?? I have tried 2 different designs and various settings and everything does the same.
Interestingly Cura behaves the same!

If I use Greeetech's "Easy3d" tool the teeth are printed OK but that tool doesn't support multiple extruders.

I have the layer height set to 0.2 (but 0.1 does the same!)

"3D-Tool" displays the STL file correctly, with the teeth - so they are definitly in the STL file.

Any suggestions very welcome.

Getting a bit frustrated,
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