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Non-manifold stl files

Posted by softfoot 
Non-manifold stl files
February 22, 2021 04:09PM
I have found a number of projects that I would like to print from "thingiverse" but "Repetier Host" complains that some of the STL files are non-manifold and when I try to slice with Slic3r the preview has holes and gaps in it.

I have tried repairing with Slic3r and various online services but often without success :-(

Other people dont seem to have problems printing these files - so why do so many stls have this problem?

Is it that Slic3r is more sensitive to this ? or that something like Cura could handle better ?

What do other people do about these files ??

Any advice very welcome.
Re: Non-manifold stl files
February 23, 2021 01:22PM
It is worth trying Cura even if Repetier host reports that the .stl is not manifold. I found on the well known 3DBenchy files that the hull in both the multipart and dual part were problematic. They reported as non-manifold and Repetier/Slic3r was not ably to repair them. Microsoft 3D Builder failed to fix them as did Meshmixer and Meshlab. I tried a number of on-line services including Netfabb - which used to work miracles but failed here. In the end, I simply got Cura to slice it which it did without complaint. Although I haven't yet used the gcode and it does seem to give odd visuals when looking at it, a layer-by-layer examination looks good as does a dry run.


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Re: Non-manifold stl files
February 23, 2021 04:08PM
Thingiverse is full or trash like that. It was probably designed using Sketchup. You can try to repair the stl files using netfabb.

Two rules for happy 3D printing:

1) stay away from Thingiverse
2) stay away from Sketchup

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Re: Non-manifold stl files
July 11, 2021 08:43PM
I love Sketchup. Other options have too much of a learning curve. It is true a lot of models on Thingiverse are broken. It isn't true that all of them are created in Sketchup.

I just had to fix one that was not created in Sketchup. I modeled my whole printer in Sketchup. But alas, it won't print. But when I build it, it came together perfectly.
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