New to Slic3r, beginners questions
February 24, 2022 04:19PM

in an attempt to ban the last illegal software from my computer, I was told this Slic3r is very good and freeware. OK, let's get it done. I've copied most settings and parameters from my previous slicer and I can slice and print now. Two questions that have come up:
1) The Filament settings have their specific Custom G-codes, Start and End. Where are those positioned relative to the Start and End codes in the machine settings?
2) The holes on my test print are undersized, as usual, and I ironed out most mechanical causes. In my previous slicer, there was a compensation for holes being too small. In the Slic3r manual, under dimension error, at the bottom I read XY compensation. But that seems to effect the hole print, so also the outside dimensions. And that wasn't the idea. Is there a feature correcting only the holes, not the other contours?


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