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Automated Batch Slicing as Web App

Posted by jreinke10 
Automated Batch Slicing as Web App
September 12, 2022 10:45AM
Hello all,

I learned you can automate slicing via Windows Batch files and the command line per the Slic3r documentation here. I then found a video outlining the process and was able to copy the process effectively.

However, as a MechE a lot of my software knowledge is limited. I would love to turn this sort of process into a tool with a UI where you can drag and drop files and get back the sliced G code. Its' been recommended to me to try doing that as a web app with the support of tools like nextjs, nodejs, and express.

However, I wanted to get some recommendations from the community on how this might be best done or if the current approach is a decent one.

Re: Automated Batch Slicing as Web App
September 25, 2022 09:21AM
Hi I am currently trying to hack together something similar but much simpler for a web page. So far I have found two good resources online. STLViewer has good documentation on using their tool with Javascript and 3dpartprice has an API and source code available for you to get into. I am currently trying to get a slicer to work with the command line so that I can make the 3dpartprice code work locally for tweaking and deving. I don't know if this is the best approach but it is a start in the direction of using some of the tools available.
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