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complete individual objects.

Posted by rew 
complete individual objects.
November 25, 2022 05:17AM
I have a print I want to do, and I'm pretty sure that I can make it work with my printer even though you'd normally say that some things are to high, and a collision would occur.

If the right order is chosen, you can print from the front of the bed, towards the back. As long as the full clearance towards the front of the extruder is observed, the first object can be as high as you like,.

While writing this I've had an idea and it works: I have my reasons, but I do the skirt manually with another object. It goes around the whole bed. Removing that seemed to help. That would need to be printed first, and it would work and not influence the other two objects. I've removed it and enabled the normal skirt and now it is already printing.

But to me, it seems that it is complaining wrongly that a collision would occur, just because my height-0.3 prints-first object encloses the other two.

What would I need to enter into the clearance values to get maximum leniency and allow my own jugement to check for collisions. (I need to export it to the printer and use "octoprint" to check for the collisions. (maybe the "preview" would work but if I get collisions, it won't show a preview either).

As an enhancement wouldn't it be possible to say "While printing object 3 a collision with object 2 would occur at z=4.3" ? (And generate the stuff needed for the preview to work). I've started using Slic3r before it had the preview (I think) so I haven't used it much. But it doesn't show the "complete individual objects", neither does the layer view, so I have to use the octoprint gcode viewer to judge that it is doing things in the order I like.
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