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G-code design in parts

Posted by Tg37 
G-code design in parts
July 28, 2023 04:37AM
Hi all I have the following question about G-code design when you have at least two parts in the printing model.

Like shown attached, I have two parts in the printing model, in which the 'vascular' part is assigned to extruder 1 and 'parenchymal' part is assigned to extruder 3.

Now I want to further explore the following options for generating the G-code;

1. Extruder 1 (E1) and extruder 3(E3) using two different infill pattern, and potentially different infill density? Can this be achieved? If so, how to achieve?
2. Always start the extruder 3 first, followed by extruder 1 when printing each layer. So far the autogenerated code goes to extruder 1 first, followed by extruder 3, then following next layer is extruder 3, followed by extruder 1 (to minimize the extruder exchange).
Essentially the autogenerated code goes
E1 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 3) - E3 (layer 3) - E3 (layer 4) - ...
What I wanted
E3 (layer 1) - E1 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 2) - E1 (layer 2) - E3 (layer 3) - E1 (layer 1) - E3 (layer 4) - ...

Thank you so much for the help in advance!!
open | download - Capture.JPG (69.4 KB)
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