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Mach3 and Slic3r

Posted by erasertech 
Mach3 and Slic3r
August 17, 2013 08:44AM
I have posted this in the slic3r forum already just wodering if anyone can help me out.
I am using mach 3 to drive my cnc machine which is three axis with the x axis using two stepper motors using axis X and A.
So I have had to setup the extruder to axis B.

When I read the outputed gcode from slic3r in notepad it is controlling axis x,y,and z and is using axis E for the extruder axis.
I was hoping that there was a way to change setting in slic3r so it outputs the extruder gcode as axis B and not E.

Hope this makes sence new to 3d printing.

An example of what I am talking about, is there a way to change the E output to B in Slic3r , I could see if I can change the axis in mach 3 to E then that would solve the problem but dont know if this is possible.

G1 X74.701 Y100.280 E3.95776
G1 X60.013 Y100.280 E4.38967
G1 X59.841 Y100.221 E4.39502
G1 X59.410 Y100.018 E4.40902
G1 X59.410 Y98.949 E4.44045
G1 X59.626 Y98.949 E4.44679
G1 X59.626 Y96.151 E4.52907
G1 X59.410 Y96.151 E4.53542
Re: Mach3 and Slic3r
August 22, 2013 05:25AM
If you select mach3 as the gcode flavour I think it outputs A for extruder, which probably does not help, why not
change the setup in mach3 or gang the motors together, else in a good editor use replace, notepad++ is good.

Random Precision
Re: Mach3 and Slic3r
August 30, 2013 07:57AM
You can use this mach3 add-on to open and slice the stl file inside mach3 with slic3r
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