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no retraction on travel moves - repetier 0.80

Posted by 111oct111 
no retraction on travel moves - repetier 0.80
November 16, 2012 10:06PM
Hi there,
I'm having trouble when printing plates. There is no retraction whatsoever when there is a travel move from one piece to another
on the plate. Retraction is well calibrated and woking wonderfully, but it is only working on single pieces.
Ex. - it retracts during all print/travel moves inside one continuous object, perimeters and infills, but as soon as the nozzle
is moved to the next object in a plate, no retraction happens, leaving a string connecting the two pieces, and a very solid one,
almost like a bridge.
The reason I ask here is because I'm using OPS in fast mode (2), and I've changed the value for "move afte x%" from 10 to 50%... no luck...
Retraction is disabled in slic3r.
Any help much appreciated.
Re: no retraction on travel moves - repetier 0.80
November 17, 2012 04:10AM
That is interesting, because the OPS doesn't know anything about different objects. It can not distinguish between inner object moves and object switches. So it must have a connection to the distance traveled perhaps or object switches have a different code in slic3r e.g. a Z-lift that confuses the OPS. OPS is a feature I haven't tested with the developer version yet. I'm still busy with other functions. Hope to get it checked soon so I can solve this problem. I think it is a small problem with the new path planner having changed the logik a bit. Will have it in mind when it comes to testing the OPS.

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Re: no retraction on travel moves - repetier 0.80
November 17, 2012 12:00PM
Thank you Repetier, your effort and commitment with the community is yet to be matched.
thanks again!
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