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Suggestions for improvements

Posted by Ale 
Suggestions for improvements
February 25, 2013 03:41PM
Hi i use last version of this software and these are my suggestions.

1) When i stop the work in pause, and i disconnect from printer, can you add an option for save work where it's pause. Or can you add an option to restart work of last point when you reconnect.

2) When you move manually i have a problem, the printer exit from max range of movement XYZ, this problem verify when commands accumulate.

Thanks for the software.
Re: Suggestions for improvements
February 25, 2013 05:31PM
+1 for option 1. I had this issue a couple of times and it would be great to resume the GCode from where it has been paused.
However, I think it is more valuable if we post these suggestions in the Software issue tracker itself.

Franklin Dattein
Re: Suggestions for improvements
February 25, 2013 07:13PM
I think the main problem with 1 is you'd probably want the hot bed to stay on, and not have to re-home. I know with the mechanical endstops I use for X and Y, they are not repeatable to less than a couple of hundred microns, which leaves obvious lines in the print. Also, if my bed cools to below 40C (70C normal) then the prints start coming off. I get much better results measuring the height I paused, modifying the gcode to print from there, then gluing the pieces together.
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