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Removing a specific print from a multipiece print job

Posted by tesseract 
Removing a specific print from a multipiece print job
August 12, 2013 03:28PM
I have been working with Repetier-Host on my MAc for a few weeks and I do say it works well. One thing I was hoping for in future version would be the ability to remove a specific print from an active print job containing multiple prints.

I have run into this several times and I wish I could do this.

For example I twelve iterations of the same piece and the print job is going fine all twelve are looking good then something happens and on of them pops off the bed. Now in many cases the entire set is ruined as the extruded filament for that single part has nowhere to attachs so it simply drags behind to the next piece and eventually that causes that piece to fail and it cascades until all pieces are wrecked, not to mention the filament wasted on the open air print(the original that failed and is no longer there)

Being able to pause a print have the buffer clear go in and select a specific piece from the print job and remove it and then continue on would be a great help and I believe not that difficult the designated code would only be removed so nothing else would have to change.

Just a wish list I guess

Is something like this possible

Currently running a print job where this would have been handy
Re: Removing a specific print from a multipiece print job
August 12, 2013 03:59PM
It can be done if you can select a rectange where you want to delete the code in. Then a complete rewrite of the remaining gcodeis needed. A quite complex task, so i put it on thewish list until I have time for it, which i currently do not have. Long todo list alreadyto work down.

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