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Firmware Configuration tool and Megatronics V2.0

Posted by vreihen 
Firmware Configuration tool and Megatronics V2.0
January 22, 2014 05:44AM
I ran the web configuration tool in newbie mode for firmware 0.91, selecting Megatronics 2.0 with an RRD Graphics LCD and a delta printer config. Since the card isn't hooked up to a printer yet, I left all of the printer measurements and other settings at default.

The resulting firmware compiles clean on Arduino V1.05r2 and uploads without issue to my Megatronics V2.0 clone. The serial monitor shows it rebooting and saying that there is a temperature defect on extruder 0 (not hooked up to anything) and that the printer is in dry run mode with 1130 free RAM. However, sending an M105 or any other command via serial monitor results in a never-ending loop of "Retry:1" messages. In addition, the LCD display is blank, neither piezo buzzer makes a sound of any kind, and I suspect that none of the other items on the LCD card are working.

Is this normal behavior when the board isn't connected to anything? Has anyone tested the web configuration tool with a Megatronics V2.0 setup and had success? Do I still need to edit any config files when using the configuration tool? I can upload the config file(s), if needed.

FWIW, I was able to successfully upload the latest Marlin version and the display and everything worked, so I don't think that it is a hardware problem.....
Re: Firmware Configuration tool and Megatronics V2.0
January 25, 2014 08:46PM
I found answers to my questions. In case anyone runs across the "Retry: 1" loop in the future, the cause is that the serial monitor isn't sending line terminators with the commands when you click the send button.

The bigger problem is that the #ifdef structure in ui.h only has the Megatronics 2.0 display/key pins assigned for display type 6, and not also type 11. I am not familiar enough with the whole package to know where to put the proper fix or which file overrides another one, but I cut/pasted the Megatronics 2.0 pins from display type 6 and put them in place of the other motherboard pins that someone apparently cobbled into display type 11 before me. I also had to put in a definition for the kill pin with a questionable value of 41, since it wouldn't compile without a value and setting it to -1 caused compile errors as well.

I'll post the file if anyone wants it, but don't have it handy at the moment because it is stored on a machine with no network access.....
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