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Repetier Configtool Update

Posted by bartlee45 
Repetier Configtool Update
May 03, 2014 12:50PM
TLDR: z axis not working after configtool upgrade from 91.6 to 91.7

Previously I manually updated to version .91 manually and then used the configtool to upgrade around March 3, 2014 with no real problems.
Now I wanted to upgrade again, seeing some changes/fixes.
I used the configtool and uploaded my previous configuration file and then downloaded the complete firmware.
I noticed that the z axis didn't seem to work and didn't find anything in the configuration files that was obvious (for example had z in the name).
I attached difference report for the config file differences.
I can gather more data but didn't want to upload too much to the forum.
I reverted back to 91.6 and my z-axis again works.

My hardware is much like a ramps but I have the old Reprap motor drivers and the board is kind of homebrew, till I fork out some money to buy new pololu/stick drivers to replace them.
Thanks for looking,

open | download - patch.htm (185.1 KB)
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