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RC2 comments & feature request

Posted by 4ndreas 
RC2 comments & feature request
July 26, 2014 09:32AM
Hi, first off all I really like Repetier-Host, great software good job. thumbs up

A few comments about things I noticed using repetier host for a very long time:
1) First of all the auto reload feature does not longer work for me if the stl file on disk has changed, to me this was one of the best features. At least a reload button.
(Windows 8.1 x64)

2) I suggest to store the last saved and open part differently, I normally put my g-code on a sd card. So my last open path is always the sd card (reader). I also would love a one click g-code to sd card save button (like cura) (not the sd card connected in the connected printer one in a normal SD card reader)
This would great, two different path for open and save also would do the job.

3) It would be great to pin the scale and rotate menu always on. A stick button left to the close x-button would do it.

4) Export Printer settings. Still don't know how to export the settings from one pc to another. confused smiley

5) 3D connexion 3D-mouse support (this is really not important only nice to have)

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