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Autoleveling with a CoreXY-Setup

Posted by voodoo_bravo 
Autoleveling with a CoreXY-Setup
October 10, 2014 11:37AM

i'm trying to get the Autobedleveling on a CoreXY-Setup to work but it doesn't quite work as expected.

Radds V1
X Max, Y Max Endstops
Inductive Probe at Z Min

Homing via 'G28 X0 Y0' and Probing the three defined points with 'G32 S0' works as expected,
except that after the probing the hotend is about 5mm above the bed and can't be lowered anymore.

The display shows a Z height of about 0.14mm which I assume is the difference between the probepoints.

See this picture for reference (just after G32 S0)

I thought that 'Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 3' defines that the hotend can be lowered 3mm after probing but that does not seem to be the case.

open | download - Configuration.h (51.3 KB)
Re: Autoleveling with a CoreXY-Setup
October 11, 2014 01:52PM
You can not go below the theoretical z=0 computed by autoleveling. In eeprom you can increase z length to go lower if distance computation was wrong. Once you have the exact z length increase Z_PROBE_HEIGHT by new length z - old length z.

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