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First 3D printer build suggestions

Posted by youssefaly97 
First 3D printer build suggestions
October 13, 2014 07:32PM
Hello, I'll be building my first printer based on coreXY, the arduino uno 328p and teacup firmware. Here's my connections that I planned: 0 Rx serial
1 Tx serial
2 X Axis Stepper Direction
3 ~ Y Axis Stepper Direction
4 Z Axis Direction
5 ~ X Axis Stepper Step
6 ~ Y Axis Stepper Step
7 Z Axis Stepper Step
8 Extruder Stepper Step
9 ~ Extruder Heater
10 ~ Heat Bed
11 ~ X Axis Min End stop
12 Y Axis Min End stop
13 Z Axis Min End stop
A0 Heat Bed Thermistor
A1 Extruder Thermistor
A2 X Axis Stepper Enable
A3 Y Axis Stepper Enable
A4 Z Axis Stepper Enable
A5 Extruder Stepper Enable
As some of you may have already noticed, I omitted the direction control for the extruder stepper as I feel it's unnecessary to retract the filament and as I read recently that it's no longer supported by the firmware I guess, do I really need to connect it to the arduino or can I hardwire it to the "extruding" direction ? I also need to know if I omitt it, how do I adapt that to the code ?

Next is the Z axis, stepper motors are expensive here in Egypt, so I decided to use a single NEMA17 2Kg.cm motor for the Z axis with a pully system or a threaded rod. Lead and ball screws are expensive too, I'll manage the backlash with two nuts with a spring in between. Also two smooth rods to move on. Is that sufficient ?

For the CoreXY system, I would like to know how to configure the code for it, I know it's possible with logic gates but that would be too troublesome. I'll use aluminum extrusion bars for the CoreXY frame, 4 smooth rods (2 per axis), 4 linear bearings (2 per axis), 2 idler pullies, 2 GT2 drive pullies, 6 toothed idler pullies, GT2 belt, 2 NEMA17 2Kg.cm motors.

I'll use an adjustable opto endstop for the Z axis and mechanical endstops for the X and Y.

Any further suggestions are highly appreciated.
Re: First 3D printer build suggestions
October 15, 2014 12:14PM
1. I think you poste din the wrong forum since this is repetier software related.

2. Don't know if Teacup supports core xy, you should verify that first.

3. Don't use an Arduino Uno. Teacup is the only firmware that would run on it. Also it was written in a good spirit, it was designed for small flash memory so it does not have as much features as other firmwares and at some point you might want them. If you want more advanced things like path planner or displays, you need more ram. It's already hard with 128kb so my tip would be using a board with Mega 2560 processor. With 256MB you are safe with regards to flash memory and you can use any firmware you like.

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Re: First 3D printer build suggestions
October 15, 2014 02:38PM
1. Yeah I kind of figured that out two days later after posting, I wonder how I can move it to another forum ?

2. I have checked, teacup supports coreXY.

3. I don't actually "need" other features, I just want a printer that connects to the pc and prints, no lcds no buttons no other fancy stuff although it would be cery nice to add a red emergency stop button. I used all the 20 pins available on the arduino uno and I omitted one (Extruder direction control). The only addition I want is the "look ahead" feature. The Mega is kind of expensive here too, same price as 4 aluminum 20x20x600 extrusion bars.

Thank your for the reply !

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