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Marlin thermistor tables in Repetier

Posted by kscharf 
Marlin thermistor tables in Repetier
January 03, 2015 12:42PM
Is there a way to enter the Marlin thermistor tables into Repetier firmware from the web configuration page? I've been doing this by hand after the fact, but I'd like to be able to only have to do this once and have the website be able to import it into a new config file from my old one.
Re: Marlin thermistor tables in Repetier
January 04, 2015 03:52AM
No, the online configurator only supports adding them over the table editor. I also think they are not compatible or does Marlin use the same multiplication factors?

Anyhow, once you have a repetier config you can load it and have the table present and can then start changing for a new printer.

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