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printer will not print

Posted by RTTY177 
printer will not print
April 21, 2015 06:51PM
Hello all as a newbe i seem to come to a brick wall, I have a DIY Prusa 1.4 with Arduino boards running Marlin software, my problem is I can connect with Repetier heat the extruder load a stl fil and slice same
but i have no manual control of X, Y or Z and extruder if I try to print i get the preview of each layer but the printer is asleep for some reason. At this point Im at a loss to what might be wromg anhd Im hopeing
one of you fine smart gentelmen on the forum could shed some light on this.
Re: printer will not print
April 22, 2015 03:47AM
When connected you should have manual control. Only as soon as you start print most functions get disabled for safety.

When you start print it switches to manual control so you do NOT see all layers, only the one printed. Also you can switch back. If that did not happen you might not have started print. Or you are not connecte dwith correct baud rate. Then you see at the bottom x Commands waiting after connection and manual control does also not work (ok works but commands do not get send). In that case change baud rate to the correct one.

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