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Duet board support

Posted by dave3d 
Duet board support
March 04, 2016 07:57AM
What is the latest position regarding firmware support for the Duet board? It is compatible with the Arduino Due.
The only reference I can find for it is an old post dated 2014.

I have just bought one and would like if possible to continue using my existing firmware settings using the Repetier online configuration tool.
Re: Duet board support
March 07, 2016 06:32AM
An official reply from Repetier please?
Re: Duet board support
March 16, 2016 10:04PM
Is there a reason you are against using the RepRapFirmware for the Duet board?

Not sure Repetier Firmware is compatible, though I have never considered trying it myself.
Re: Duet board support
March 20, 2016 04:13PM
As I stated I have been using Repetier firmware for some time now and I have fine tuned my printer's settings over a period of time (I originally started out with Marlin).
The online configuration tool for Repetier [www.repetier.com] is really simple to use. It is analogous to using a GUI rather than a CLI on a computer.
I am reluctant to start again.
Re: Duet board support
March 24, 2016 05:41AM
I understand your reluctance to change to a different brand of firmware, I'm a 60 something carpenter and all this stuff is well outside my comfort zone.

However, I looked into Repetier as I have recently grafted a Diamond Hot End on to my RepRepPro which came with Duet Electronics, and the makers (RepRap.Me) recommend using Repetier as it is set up for their hot end to enable colour mixing. From what I managed to glean (but I could be wrong), Repetier seems to be a more "generic" firmware, hence the need for their "configurator" tool to suit different electronics. As such, it doesn't lever the specific features of the Duet (such as micro sd card and Ethernet interface). On the other hand, the firmware for the Duet is specific and is being actively and robustly supported and improved. As an illustration, I recently posted on the Duet forum that I needed help to be able to retract all three filaments simultaneously, regardless of the fact that only one may be being used (that is just something that is specific to using a mixing (Diamond) Hot End). Within a matter of days, dc42 kindly did a firmware update which supports firmware retraction for all 3 extruders simultaneously. Not only that, I was able to update (flash) the firmware simply by uploading the file via Chrishamm's excellent web interface. I needed to make a couple of changes to the congfig.g file that resides on the sd card, but again this was achieved simply by editing a copy on my PC and uploading it to the sd card via the web interface. I didn't even need to restart the printer as the web interface initiated a software reset.

Personally, I don't think you are ever likely to get this level of functionality using Repetier as it is too "generic". In conclusion, (and in the opinion of a 60 something carpenter), I would say that if you have Duet electronics, then you should strongly consider taking the short term pain to get the longer term gains. Most of your fine tuning will be simply a matter of putting your existing settings into the config.g file on the sd card. The rest of the fine tuning will be in your slicer settings which won't be much affected.
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