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Renkforce RF2000 configuration.ini import - OSX repetier host

Posted by N37 
Renkforce RF2000 configuration.ini import - OSX repetier host
March 23, 2016 11:06PM

I have got Reenforce printer , model RF2000, and Conrad does offer precompiled version of repetier with all setting for that printer, but as always (that company sux as hell, now i know) only for windows.

After i have asked they have published the .ini file with settings, but i cannot find a way to import those settings to the OS X version of repetier.

So generally is there a simple way to add/import that file, or i must input all the filament configurations and all the stuff by hand (again..... after system clean install)

Many it would be good to add "import profile" option to the software if there is no at the moment?

Second question, does anyone have that printer and may share their settings, tested working ?

Because now i know one thing, i've paid a lot of money for a printer that works in the worst way i've ever seen, even printers for 200$ from china are printing better quality and faster.

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