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Switch to RADDS and axes don't move

Posted by mikefazz 
Switch to RADDS and axes don't move
November 21, 2016 04:49PM
I recently switched the electronics of my spiderbot (small delta) from megatronics to RADDS. After working through a couple odd issues I have been stuck with trying to get the X, Y, Z axes to move. If I hit 'home all' or try to change the Z position the motors hum but don't move. It acts like the endstops are triggered but they are not. I have tried the 9.2 and 10.0 firmware. Switching the firmware to NO and NC to no avail, also adjusting the stepper driver current. I have been able to move the axes by going into 'babystepping' as well as in calibration/position Z so the motors and drivers do work.

My setup has thermocouples, pololu drv8825 drivers and an old LCD2004 if that matters. I have another printer with a RADDS board and it has been working fine for many months. The only difference I can figure is the spiderbot is grounded and the other is not, the endstops still show proper triggering so I really don't think that is an issue...

Also when trying to hook up to OctoPrint I have gotten a 'hit the floor' error
Re: Switch to RADDS and axes don't move
November 26, 2016 02:54AM
Doh after many tries I hadn't changed the EEPROM value so the wrong settings weren't being overwritten...
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