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Model View Lighting

Posted by JOEYG 
Model View Lighting
October 22, 2017 03:12AM
Hey everyone,

So I can't figure out the lighting setup in the model preferences settings. There are 4 lights you can turn on and I can't figure out what xyz coordinates to put in for any of them. I left the default first one on and it seems like when I fiddle with the others they just get darker. Can someone elaborate how the coordinates tie in to the lighting direction? Optimally I'd like the model to be bright from any viewing angle not just the high top view I'm stuck with now.

Re: Model View Lighting
October 22, 2017 11:49AM

X and Y - numbers are to the left and behind the object the value is for the brightness of the lamp.
camera 3 and 4 seem to add a second lamp to 1 and 2.
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