Endstops and current postion shown by Repetier Host
February 11, 2018 10:10AM
Seems I have found some kind of non-critical bug in Marlin firmware.
And when play around this bug I see some strange behavior of current position shown by Repetier Host. It seems to mee that it is bug too.

To reproduce it you can move the head in the middle of your table, power on your printer and move head to some position over endstop, say with g-code like G1 X500
The head shoud move to endstop and Repetier Host shoud show position equal to path from initial position to endstop.
M114 should show the same position.

But as you can see from attached image Repetier Host doesn't know about endstop hit
open | download - 2.jpg (49.9 KB)
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