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Opiliones 3D printer

Posted by OpilionesUser 
Opiliones 3D printer
November 22, 2018 02:55AM
So a week or so ago i got myself a opiliones 3D printer. Very cheap because the firmware was not on de board yet. So i wanted to do this myself but i get stuck. The firmware marlin i put on the board (megatronic 3.0) just does not work.

I got configurations for a delta printer etc. Since opiliones is a delta printer. But i get error messages every time. Sometimes its was from de mintemp. But i know its an mistake in my firmware. And ik cant get an motor moving with repetier. So my question someone has the firmware for me? I am not a genius when it comes to coding and it would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance,

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