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Repetier and Z offset

Posted by ruggb 
Repetier and Z offset
February 25, 2019 10:40AM
I think this is a Repetier issue:

There is a difference between a STEP and a GOTO when dealing with Zhome+offset.

Looks like a Repetier issue: => it is not handling a Z offset properly.
I have a Zoffset = 0.05 - with Marlin V2 and latest bug fix. = Repetier Host 2.13

Repetier knows it is at -0.05 after a home
Clicking a STEP in Repetier gives inconsistent results when Z=home with an offset (Z=-0.05):
a 0.01 STEP yields a step of 0.05 to Z=0.00 < this is especially strange, no logic here. Repetier actually issues a G1 Z0
a 0.1 STEP yields a step of 0.1 to Z=0.05 >>Repetier issues G1 Z0.05
a 1.0 STEP yields a step of 1.00 to Z=0.95 >>Repetier issues G1 Z0.95
a manual command of G1 Z0.01 yields a step of 0.06 to Z=0.01
a manual command of G1 Z0.1 yields a step of 0.15 to Z=0.10
a manual command of G1 Z1 yields a step of 1.05 to Z=1.00

The first step after a home should subtract the Z offset.
A STEP would then be correct after a home IE it would step from Z=0.00 not the offset position.
What happens if Z=-0.05 and an X or Y movement is given? Does Repetier first go to Z=0.00?

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