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Any advice for a newbie

Posted by briturner 
Any advice for a newbie
July 20, 2012 03:32PM

I am thinking about getting a 3d printer, and am wondering if folks here have any suggestions on getting started. I see in the other thread that there are at least a couple folks in the Albuquerque area that have done this.

So, where did others get their kits? how much are they? What advice would you give someone just starting?

Re: Any advice for a newbie
January 26, 2013 09:01PM
I got my on ebay. I got all the part about 3 month ago an i pay about 47.00 dollars and most of the things needed got them there too. I got my machine buildt but working on the electronics. (not 100% runing). If buildit it yoursel you will need some time. I was thinking it was going to be easy but it is a chalange. Yes ther are many good people here in the forums that will give you a hand (give you good tips and currage to continue going the best part is whene you see doing something. You will need lot of time but you will learn a lot.
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