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Current RepRaper's

Posted by ikilledkenny 
Current RepRaper's
May 03, 2012 03:35PM
Seen this forum was created be no threads. I am interested in seeing the amount of individuals in the area who may want to meet up, do weekend builds, or simply BS and drink a beer all in the name of RepRap
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 21, 2012 05:40PM

I live on the Hilltop near Mully's, there is another guy on IRC named InterNick or IntraNick and he lives in St. Peter. I'm new to the area and trying to start the user group up. I'm always in IRC and rarely on the forums.

Let's get something together and print something!

Always nice to know who is in the area with a working printer incase I need parts too smiling smiley I break things a lot!

Re: Current RepRaper's
May 23, 2012 10:08AM

I live in Kasota, and my buddy lives in Mankato. We have built two prusa's so far (one for work, and one for fun). Defiantly would want to meet up some. I will try and frequent the IRC channel more often, also I am usually on the forums at least once a day.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 23, 2012 10:15AM
I'm said friend, I live near the corner of 5th and Adams. So right down the hill from ya.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 24, 2012 12:08PM
Great! The fiance works weekends and I have the kids, but we have an empty finished basement (due to a flood). If anyone wants to get together and print over the weekends I have the space for it. I'll buy some tables if anyone is interested. My old prusa is used and abused but still going strong. I started building it last July after I retired my Darwin.

Iamstu, I saw you on thingiverse and sent you a google+ friend request. I live at the corner of Adams and Pfau in a brown/yellow house (with the really unkempt lawn).

I would like to get more repraps in the area, and meet more people with printers as well.

Also looking to meet others that are interested in forming a Hackerspace and have machine tools. One day I'll have a lathe and mill.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 25, 2012 10:21AM
A Hackerspace is something Stu and I have talked about starting for a while, and is a great idea. I think getting together one of these weekends would be awesome.

Stu and I also talked about seeing if BWW would let us use the back room one of these days. RepRap, Beer, Wings I think it would be an awesome time. Also might gather more interest in 3D printing/hackerspace. I don't know what it is but laying down .2mm thick layers of plastic hypnotizes people.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 25, 2012 12:00PM
If we have to start the hackerspace in my garage or basement I am all for it, becuase I have the spare space! I think you are right about people being hypnotized.

I want to start bringing my reprap to the local colleges and see if there is an interest in college age kids. I'm a bit irritated that the USA has a Future Farmers of America and Future Homemakers of America, but no Future Engineers of America! I wish I had the energy to try and get that ball rolling. There is the FSEA, but they are not very active sadly...

My aluminum extrusions for my ORD Bot should be here in a few weeks too, so it may be more suitable to bringing to universities/high schools and such.

The more people that see it, the more people that think about it, and if we run a hackerspace and run classes on the basics of Arduino, soldering, and mechanical assembly we can eliminate the fear of biting off more than they can chew. Most people don't want to build a reprap alone because there is a lot of technical learning if you are not an engineer. Heck I have sold some parts to people who still don't have a working machine just becuase they got to a grey area and stopped working on it.

I'll be printing this weekend at home, if you guys want to stop by and have a beer or something. We can flesh things out a bit more on paper then.

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Re: Current RepRaper's
May 28, 2012 08:17AM
Thanks for dropping by Stu.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 30, 2012 09:15AM
Ya, it was cool to see a Reprap that I wasn't involved in building!

As far as getting into the schools around here, I was President of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers club on campus and I'm sure they would be extreamly geeked for us to bring these in there and show them. So I'll get in touch with the faculty advisor for the group.

Both of our printers are extreamly portable, so we could all get together pretty soon if you guys have an evening free.

Re: Current RepRaper's
May 30, 2012 05:48PM
I'll be working on miniature direct drive dual extrusion for the next couple of weeks. After that it is back to printing full sets and working on new bots. I plan to build a few printers, as well as a cnc mill and maybe even a plasma cutting table. I need to fill my empty space in the basement and garage! So yeah, I basically will be working on reprap related stuff any evening. If you guys want to drop by anytime let me know. If you want to bring printers, I'll go buy some work tables otherwise I have a cement bar in the basement that is going no where, and that puts the printers closer to the beer!

I'm always around the house if I'm not at work, I'm a home body. Only been in Mankato for 6 months so far so I don't get out much.

Stu, also sorry about the mess in the house, we were not expecting visitors and were being lasy.
Re: Current RepRaper's
May 31, 2012 02:59PM
No worries, I had forgotten my login stuff for this site so I didnt give you much advanced notice. Maybe we can plan for a night early next week where we can bring ours over. It might be best for me if we were to setup shop in the garage, cats don't exactly get along with my sinues. We do love beer though, Don has been doing some pretty cool stuff involving beer manufacturing lately.

Re: Current RepRaper's
May 31, 2012 04:01PM
Sounds good, I'll be looking for some sturdy work tables for the garage this weekend. I look forward to seeing other printers. smiling smiley

I'll try and remember you have cat allergies.

Re: Current RepRaper's
August 17, 2012 04:04PM
I'm looking to build my first RepRap but I'm a bit far (Twin Cities, Eagan) area. I haven't bumped into anyone closer yet, however.

Anyway, I had been thinking about starting with a Prusa, since it was said to be the easiest to build, however it seems to be a little on the large size for me right now. Also I am trying to keep the costs down (and have more fun) so I'm staying away from kits at least for the moment.

Any suggestions for a smaller RepRap to start out with? Anyone willing to print a set of parts for me? I'll make the drive down.


Re: Current RepRaper's
August 30, 2012 02:50PM

Well if you are looking for something a bit smaller you could look at Wallace style printers/kits. Do NOT order an actual PrintBot. They have a very bad reputation for quality, shipping, and communication.

I have seen this kit before [mixshop.com] This has everything including the plastic parts.
also here is the Wallace info [reprap.org]

Best of luck, this hobby is addicting. BTW I know there is a hackerpace up in the cities there, check it out I am sure you'll find some printer guys up there.
Re: Current RepRaper's
September 02, 2012 12:45PM
Hey guys I actually am also from MN I'm an hour north of the cities , I'm in theprocess of self sorceing the parts to build a Wallace, the dead end I hit tho is I can't find anyone willing to print the plastic parts to get me started I'm willing to pay for the parts of course, anyone local willing ? I would be willing to pick up and I would pay cash and who knows maby I could get some pointers on building a Wallace? I would appreciate any advice u guys give as I am quite mechanically,electrically inclined but still a noob to rep rap

Re: Current RepRaper's
September 17, 2012 08:53AM
Hey Kevin,

There are actually quite a few people up in the cities location already that might be able to help you. They usually frequent the reprap IRC channel. Also there is a hacker space up in Minneapolis, and I know a few people there have 3D printers. Worse comes to worse and you have no luck, look for me on the IRC channel.
Re: Current RepRaper's
April 13, 2013 07:00AM
hey, I am up north of the citys (lino lakes/ blaine area). and am getting started in all of this, im working on my first build using plywood and drawerslides so i can eventually print parts for a prusa mendel. I am so excited with this technology that it has become all I can think about!! only problem is I can only get so far on my own. I would LOVE to meet with other reprappers in minnesota to learn as much as i possibly can! not to mention i could use help obtaining the printed plastic parts so i can just scratch the plywood repstrap. I would obviously be willing to pay someone to print me a set and would also be willing to volunteer my printer to help with projects and assist anyone with broken parts or just someone like me looking for help getting started!!

at this point distance isnt too much of an issue, ive been looking at some of you're posts and if no one near is available i would definitely even drive out to mankato!! I'm desperate for people to chat with about reprap that wont give me the stone cold stare of 'i have no clue what you just said!'. grinning smiley
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