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First Test Print spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Posted by Lisa M 
Re: First Test Print spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
September 11, 2012 03:31PM
Awesome, I am so glad to see the bugs have been worked out.

@ Robots-dreams If you add M220 S100 to your End gcode it will reset the speed to 100% at the end of the print. You could even add it to the very beginning of the Start gcode if you wanted.

To everyone else you can speed up the prints by using the LCD menu. While printing enter the "Tune" menu and go to the "Speed" setting and increase (or decrease) the speed. It is a percentage of the speed set in Slic3r. The firmware is currently limiting the speed to 150mm/s which is just over 300% on the LCD since the default speeds in the Slic3r profiles is 45mm/s.

You may have also noticed that the retract speed is set to 1000mm/s in Slic3r and this is to allow you to reduce the speed for really small prints to as low as 5% without the retractions slowing down.

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